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GIBB-GRO Gibberellic Acid Growth Promoter - 55 hectare (500g pack)

GIBB-GRO Gibberellic Acid Growth Promoter - 55 hectare (500g pack)
GIBB-GRO Gibberellic Acid Growth Promoter - 55 hectare (500g pack)
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GIBB-GRO Gibberellic Acid Growth Promoter - Grow Grass Really Fast and reduce your nitrogen inputs.

GIBB-GRO is a high strength GA3 gibberellic acid.   This is a 90% strength (900g/kg) in the form of a water-soluble powder.  Our Gibb-Gro is very soluble and feedback is that it is the most soluble 90% powder in the market.

GIBB-GRO is a 90% strength gibberellic acid is naturally derived from the fermentation of rice and as part of the process includes goodies like peanut powder, dextrin, glucose, magnesium sulphate, potassium phosphate and more. 

The natural gibberellins in GIBB-GRO are found in nature and are natural plant growth regulators that have been used successfully in agriculture, horticulture and other areas for many years.

GIBB-GRO is similar or equivalent to:

  • Omni Gibb (1)
  • Gibb-Gro (2)
  • ProGibb SG (3) - only 400g/kg compared to 900g/kg for GIBB-GRO

GIBB-GRO will provide a rapid increase of dry matter (DM) production during spring and autumn (cool weather) feed shortfalls: increases of 30-60% can be achieved within just 3 weeks.

Depending on underlying fertility and pasture quality, this increase can be 250kgDM/Ha extra.

Amazingly cost-effective at 9g/ha, and simple to apply with any spray gear.  If buying the 1kg pack this is just $6+GST per hectare.

Remember if you have been using ProGibb SG (3) then multiply the price you have been paying by 2.25 to compare products and prices on an active ingredient equivalent basis.  I think you will see GIBB-GRO gibberellic acid is cheap in comparison.

Reduce Urea Use and Nitrogen Inputs

Buy GIBB-GRO gibberellic acid  and increase production and reduce nitrogen addition and save.  If you are normally using 70-80kg/ha of Urea (32-37 units/ha) you can significantly reduce your Urea use by using a combination of GIBB-GRO and Urea.

We have many customers that have reduced nitrogen input down to 18 units/ha (40kg Urea per hectare) when using GIBB-GRO at the recommended 9g/ha.  Not only does this allow more additions of Urea while still remaining under the 190 unit/ha Nitrogen levels but it also saves you money.  


9g/ha GIBB-GRO + 25ml Gibb-Gro Wetter per 100-200L water.  Apply a minimum of 100-200L per hectare.  Apply when soil temperatures are above 6-8C


  • 1kg Resealable Foil bag will treat 111 hectares
  • 500g resealable Foil bag will treat 55 hectares

(1) - OmniGibb is a registered tradename of Chengeta Crop Care
(2) - GibbGro is a tradename of Brian Mace
(3) - ProGibb SG is a registered tradename of Valent Biosciences LLC - USA

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