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GIBB-GRO Gibberellic Acid Growth Promoter - Grow Grass Really Fast and reduce your nitrogen inputs.GIBB-GRO is a high strength GA3 gibberellic acid.   This is a 90% strength (900g/kg) in the form of a water-soluble powder.  Our Gibb-Gro is very soluble and feedback is that it is the m..
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POTASSIUM HUMATE – SOLUBLE Humic acid as Potassium humate,  fulvic acid as fulvate and potash (Potassium) 100% soluble humic acid  and fulvic acid as the potassium salt ALL ABOUT GIBB-GRO POTASSIUM HUMATE? Gibb-Gro Potassium Humate is the potassium salt of humic acid.   Frequently humic ac..
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A highly concentrated Seaweed extract that works really well with Gibb-Gro (gibberelliac acid GA3) .GIBB-GRO concentrated seaweed extract flake is a natural bio-activator which will stimulate microbial activity in the soil, which in turn helps break down organic matter making it more readily availab..
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Use Gibb-Gro Wetter when applying the concentrated Gibb Gro (gibberellic acid 900g/kg).  Gibb-Gro Wetter will improved uptake and effectiveness as well as assisting with rainfastness.In order to make sure that your GIBB-GRO (GA3 gibberellins) gets into your pasture to boost your growth you need..
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