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Using Gibb-Gro

How to Use GIBB-GRO

GIBB-GRO can be used on a 3 – 4 weekly cycle. Applications are best made in Autumn and spring when the soil temperature is likely to be in the range of 6 – 13 degrees C.

Applications should be made 1 – 5 days after grazing, ensuring maximum foliar uptake. Gibb-Gro is best suited to rotationally grazed pastures.

Soil moisture and fertiliser levels must be adequate to support increased pasture growth. Do not apply to rank, ungrazed, pasture less than 1 year old or on paddocks containing livestock.

Used with Urea - reduce your Nitrogen usage

Buy GIBB-GRO gibberellic acid  and increase production and reduce nitrogen addition and save.  If you are normally using 70-80kg/ha of Urea (32-37 units/ha) you can significantly reduce your Urea use by using a combination of GIBB-GRO and Urea.

We have many customers that have reduced nitrogen input down to 18 units/ha (40kg Urea per hectare) when using GIBB-GRO at the recommended 9g/ha.  Not only does this allow more additions of Urea while still remaining under the 190 unit/ha Nitrogen levels but it also saves you money.  


9g/ha GIBB-GRO + 25ml Gibb-Gro Wetter per 100-200L water.  Apply a minimum of 100-200L per hectare.  Apply when soil temperatures are above 6-8C.

Put one scoop ( 9gms ) per hectare into your spray tank first. Use only the enclosed scoop. Do not use any other scoop or spoon that is for another type of Gibberellic. Over flowing of the scoop does not mean more grass growth.

Add water while stirring. Then when you are almost at the required water level add the wetting agent and finish filling with water.

Example; To spray 3 hectares use three scoops of Gibb-Gro. Place these into your empty tank, add water while stirring briskly. When you are about 50 litres short of the required amount of water, add the wetting agent and fill to the level you need. (The wetting agent is put in last to avoid foaming). The label on the wetting agent will tell you what amount to use of that product but for Gibb-Gro WETTER this is 25ml/100L water.

Apply in a minimum of 100 litres per hectare.

Rain fast in two hours. Please do not hesitate to ring us anytime if you need advice.

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