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GIBB-GRO is fully government compliant. Proudly servicing New Zealand clients from Gore to the far north of Northland. Excellent prompt delivery and service are our forte! Contact us today for further details or information.

We usually quote on a per hectare basis. GIBB-GRO is sold in 500gm and Kg packaging. We are quite convinced that we can offer you a really competitive quote and FREE Freight on orders over $230+GST. In the 1kg packs this is just $6.50 per hectare + GST delivered.

Applied with conventional boom spraying equipment at approximately 9 grams per hectare in 100 – 150 litres of water with sticking surfactant is recommended

Competitive Quotes
Call us for special pricing if buying 5kg or more
Free Delivery
On orders over $230. Conditions apply
$6.50 per Hectare
+ GST in 1kg packs (treats 111ka)


GIBB-GRO is a naturally occurring growth promoting substance obtained from the culture of of the fungus ‘Gibberellic Fujikuroi’ and contains the naturally occurring gibberelllic acid GA3.  Expect a big boost in pasture growth, when used as directed.

Clients report excellent pasture growth after applying GIBB-GRO and there are many scientific papers and New Zealand and international trials to support the use of Gibb-Gro on pasture and also as a boost for seed germination.

Especially useful is the ability to be able to reduce Nitrogen inputs when treating with Gibb-Gro gibberellic acid.

When comparing to other products remember that most liquid Gibberellic Acids are only 40% not 90% like Gibb-Gro.  So if you currently buy Pro Gibb (1) or other 40% liquid gibberellic acids as a growth promoter then you should look at the cost per hectare and buy Gib Gro and give it a go.

Gibb-Gro is a premium gibberellic acid growth promoter and combined with Gibb-Gro wetter a wetting agent for gibberellic acid you can reduce you urea usage dramatically and still achieve quick and improved pasture growth over 21 days.

(1) - Pro-Gibb is a registered tradename of Valent Biosciences LLC